Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 5: Being Weird

The first words my best friend in second grade uttered to me were "you're weird". Two days ago at work, two of my co-workers mutually agreed with glee that they both thought I was weird. Now I know that my interests don't fall within the spectrum of what other people do. I don't like going out to bars because I get bored after a while and all the people I really trust don't live within a 10-mile radius of me. I'd rather read and watch TV but when I do venture out into the world, I usually like to volunteer for special events, go for walks, and visit the surrounding museums.

I like listening to the wireless (I mean radio), there's content there that can be easily ignored but if you give it a try, it may change how you see the world. I watch the commentaries that come with DVDs for shows and movies that I really like. I can rewatch episodes of my favorite shows without questioning why I'm rewatching them. I like to go shopping and probably spend too much on clothes. I don't know what to do with my hair, it's a miracle if I brush it in morning. My apartment's messy, but to me it's just fine.

I love my family and worry about them probably more than I'm supposed to. I would do anything and everything for them because to me, that's how you love someone. I love my friends even if there are moments where I feel frustrated, sad, and even a bit envious of the exciting lives they lead. There are nights where I want to cry because I'm weird and there are nights where I forget everything that's been said and dance around my apartment to the Spice Girls. I want to learn, I want to laugh. I want to love and I think that I have so much to share. Perhaps I should change . . . but if other people refuse to change and accept that my way of life is a possibility, why should I?

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  1. You're not really "weird" Annie, at least not the way I think of the word. "weird" would be if you only drank welch's grape juice, and nothing else ever. or if you watched the same episode of dr who every afternoon at 5:24 pm. or if you slathered blue paint on your face and ran around your neighborhood but azz nekkid in the wee hours of the morning. haha. your hobbies are just different from what your co workers do, and i'm sure plenty of people do what you do, you just haven't met them yet. but it's not "weird" in a bad way. don't be envious of other people's lives. there's no reason to be, because you're awesome. and if you want to live your life differently, you should! do what makes you happy. anyway, i do understand what you mean about feeling weird or feeling different than other people. it can be an uncomfortable feeling, but know that you're awesome and much better than the lamestream people who try to say you're weird.